Casino game where the house has the smallest edge

Here Are 7 Casino Games With Smallest the House Edge  

Here Are 7 Casino Games With Smallest House Edge  

While gambling, it is always advisable to choose casino games with the best returns. This can be done by making bets with the lowest house edge. They might appear challenging to play but once you master the art, you will have a reason to smile as your bankroll increases. Here is a list of casino games with the smallest house edge to help you select the most lucrative ones.

Pai Gow Poker-1.46% House Edge

 In this interesting game, 7 cards are used by players. They then split them up into 2 hands; one containing 2 cards and another with 5 cards. The hand with 5 cards should have a higher rank in relation to that with 2 cards. The players’ hands are then compared with that of the dealer. If the player happens to win both hands, he becomes the winner of the bet. But in the event that he wins one but loses another, the dealer becomes the winner as the player becomes the loser. The house then gets the edge of 5% commission on winning bets.

Craps (Pass/Come)- 1.41% House Edge

When you bet pass line in craps, your shooter’s first roll can either be 7 or 11. If it is a different number, you still have a chance. You will now bet hoping that the shooter will hit the point before rolling number 7. The house edge in this particular case is usually small, about 1.41%.

Craps (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come)-House Edge of 1.36%

 This kind of game is completely the opposite of betting pass line. It is however a taboo in some cases at particular craps table. When you participate in this kind of game, you are making a bet that the one shooting will not succeed. That he will fail to your advantage. It however has a low price when compared with pass betting.

Baccarat (Player)-House Edge of 1.24%

Baccarat player is regarded as a game of tradition as well as ritual. As a player, you are required to make a decision if you want to bet on the banker, tie or the player. It offers the player 1.24% house edge.


Baccarat (Banker)- 1.06% House Edge  

With this type of game especially at a big high limit table, the shoe is moved from one player to the next. The dealer then makes the banker to bet as the remaining members on the table bet on the player. In this type of game, the casino usually provides the dealer.

Jack or Better Video Poker –0.46% House Edge

 In order to achieve a house edge of 0.46%, there are two things that you are supposed to do as a player. This involves looking for the best machine. If you happen to get a Jack machine that pays 9-to-1 (full house) and 6-to-1 (flush), that is the right machine for you. Another trick involves learning about optimal technology. You are advised to learn and practice the best strategies of playing video poker prior to making any visit to a casino. This will increase your chances of winning.

Spanish 21- 0.4% House Edge  

This exciting game is a form of blackjack. It is usually played by using decks containing 48 cards. The game allows you to double on any number of cards. You will be required to surrender upon doubling. The game is associated with much lower house edge because it involves more complicated strategy. To add on, it is fun to play especially if you become a master of its intricacies.

In conclusion, the above are indeed the most popular casino games with the smallest house edge. They may appear challenging to play but their returns are high compared to those with big house edge. You are advised to learn and practice strategies of playing them. Mastering the intricacies of each game is an added advantage because it will increase your chances of winning.