The Fey website is a one stop resource for all matters and subjects relating to future energy in and around Yorkshire, and we have also recently added a new section of this website that covers gambling related news and information too.

If you are passionate about the environment, then please read on and take a look at the following overview of topics you will find available in our blog posts and articles. However, if your passion lies in gambling then there will be plenty of articles and blog posts that will be of interest to you too.

Renewable Energy – You are going to find lots of different ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint and also make some quite dramatic savings in regards to the cost of your energy supplies.

However, some of the biggest savings to be made are in regards to people using some form or renewal energy at home or at the very least use a supplier that is committed to using renewable energy sources whenever it is practical and viable for them to do so and we have many such companies listed on this website please have a look around it.

Energy Saving Tips – There can be some huge and long term savings to be made when you decide to put into place some energy saving strategies.

To help you discover ways that you may never have even thought about before in regards to saving energy and by doing so you will soon reap the rewards financially whilst also having the peace in mind that you are doing something to help the environment.

Grants for Energy Saving – One section of our website that does get very busy is our grants for energy saving guide, if you are looking to improve the insulation on your home or are looking at renewable energy then there are going to be plenty of places and organisations that you can turn to for a grant to allow you to do just that.

You just need to know when and how to put into your application for a grant as there is always going to be lots of other people looking for a share of any community grants and by putting in a more well thought-out application for a grant you are much more likely to achieve getting one.

Yorkshire Racecourses – You are going to have a very enjoyable time if you spend a day at the races, and there are lots of different racecourses in Yorkshire that offer flat and jump meetings throughout the year.

Keep in mind that with the advent of night racing and also with Sunday racing now the norm you are always going to be able to organise a day out at one of the many different racecourses local to the Yorkshire area.

In fact, some of racing most prestigious races are held at racecourses in Yorkshire, so if you are planning on having a day out racing then always type and find out whether there are any major races or meetings being held at a course near to where you live, as those major events do tend to be more interesting and the racecourses do get very busy then too!

Bingo Clubs in Yorkshire – If there is one thing that there are no shortages of in Yorkshire is it land based bingo clubs. You simply cannot beat the community feel and vibe in those venues and we will be letting you know of some of the most popular local bingo clubs where a very warm welcome awaits you.

Casinos in Yorkshire – If you fancy spending some time playing casino games then please do take a look at our listing of land based casinos that are located in the Yorkshire area. You will certain find plenty of casinos available and also when looking through that part of our website we will let you know where you can play online and mobile casinos games too.