Different types of casino bonuses


See Different Types of Casino Bonuses That You Need To Know  

All casinos exist to do business. The success of each of them depends on the number of customers. It is for this reason that they offer various types of bonuses. This helps to attract new users and retain the existing ones. Here are the different types of casino bonuses offered to attract customers.

Welcome Bonus  

Welcome bonus is one of the most encouraging and generous bonus offered by online casinos. It helps to entice people to sign up with the casino so that they can begin to play games with them. You are however advised not to sign up simply because of the huge welcome bonus offered but check to ensure that the bonus is spread in the entire spectrum. This will enable you benefit a lot. Welcome bonuses come in different forms such as matching bonuses, no deposit bonuses as well as percentage bonuses.

No deposit bonus

This is where a casino gives you an opportunity to try their games absolutely free without making any deposit. It is one of the best bonuses offered. It enables you to win lots of money even without depositing any amount of money.

Percentage Deposit

Percentage bonus is where the casino pays you a certain percentage of the amount that you deposit with them. For instance, if they offer 100% percentage bonus and then you decide to deposit $200, the casino will give you an extra $200 to your account. This strategy is used to encourage users to deposit more. The greater the deposit, the higher the amount you will receive.

Matching Deposit  

In matching deposit, just as the name suggests, the casino matches the amount of money you deposit to a particular amount. For instance, if they give 100% matching bonus up to $100, you will be matched dollar for dollar. You will therefore receive $200 upon depositing $100 to play with them.

Reload Bonuses

They are mainly used to maintain regular or loyal customers to the casino. Reload bonus also helps to keep them interested in the casino so that they can continue to deposit with them. They are closely related to welcome bonuses. They are usually offered in form of percentage deposit or matching deposit bonus. Reload bonuses are offered by casinos on monthly or quarterly basis. However, this varies from casino to casino.

High Roller

High roller bonuses refer to percentage bonus that casinos give to customers who make huge deposits such as $1000 and more. It is done to encourage users to make large deposits with the casino.

Free trial no deposit

This is where players are given free bonus to try out various casino games available as well as the software without depositing anything. It enables you to experiment with the casino and see if it is worth signing up with. However, this kind of bonus is for use in casinos only and therefore cannot be withdrawn.


Quite a number of online casinos have loyalty clubs as well as VIP programs. They give rewards to members every time they bet. You will be able to gather points as you proceed to higher VIP levels depending on the amount of money you deposit with that particular casino. Upon reaching senior VIP level, you will be given special loyalty bonus which is more lucrative than other bonuses.

Refer A Friend

This is where you get free bonus for every friend you invite to participate in playing games with that particular casino.

In conclusion, the above are some of the common types of bonuses offered by casinos. They are all enticing and encouraging. However, some of them require that you make some pretty good amount of deposit in order to benefit from them. You are advised to be very careful and analyze how beneficial they are before joining that particular casino to play games.